Advent Calendar Activity Ideas Your Whole Family will Love

Advent calendars are such a fun way to countdown to Christmas. They also provide a great visual for kids to see how many more days until Christmas. We’ve done different types of advent calendars over the years; the store bought chocolate ones, a book advent calendar, and my mom always makes one for the kids that in the past has involved cute little knick knacks, puzzles, etc.

One of my favourite advent calendars though includes fun activities/games/holiday bucket list type of things that we can do together as a family during the holiday season. I’ve written down each activities and hide them in the correct number in our advent calendar for the kids to discover each day. I don’t put them ALL in ahead of time, because I have it at a low level and my youngest would just remove them all and because some may depend on having nice weather.

So here it is, our advent calendar this year includes:

-Make Christmas cards for family and friends

-Write a letter to Santa

– Record a video for family singing a Christmas carol

-Bake and decorate Christmas cookies

-Do a Christmas colouring page together

-Watch a Christmas movie in a pillow fort

-Have a Christmas song dance party

-Learn how other countries celebrate the holidays

-Family game night in PJs

-Walk the neighbourhood and look at Christmas lights

-Read your favourite Christmas book in PJs

-Donate food to local food bank

-Make a snowman (real or with playdough)

-Make presents for your pet (or a bird feeder for outside)

-Make paper snowflakes

-Make a gingerbread house

-Donate toys

-Share what your love about each family member

-Put on PJs and go for a drive to look at lights

-Make a DIY ornament for the Christmas tree

-Take a family photo in front of the tree

-Hot chocolate and a Christmas movie

-Wrap and deliver presents to extended family members

-Read “T’was the Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve

And there you have it! I’ve gone ahead and made a printable version you can download HERE that you can print off. I hope these activities bring your family joy this holiday season.

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