15 easy ways to play with Pompoms

Go grab yourself a bag of pompoms from the dollar store, the craft store, or wherever, because I have 15 super easy ways you can incorporate pompoms into easy, play-based learning activities for your little one. (Just keep in mind the small pompoms would be a choking hazard for very young children- please supervise them!)

1. Pompom Rescue: wrap some string or elastic bands around a tray, box, or container. You child can use tweezers or even just fingers to rescue the pompoms.

2. Pompom Colour Sort: sort the pompoms by colour. For younger children, start with only 2 different colours an go up from there.

3. Frozen Pompoms: put the pompoms in an ice cube tray with water and freeze. Bring out on a hot day for a cool activity and let your child discover ways of helping them melt.

4. Pompom Soup: pompoms can get wet and will dry out just fine. Fill a bin with water, add pompoms, pots and pans, ladles, bowls.

5. Pompom Count: numbers (from the dollar store, from a puzzles, or written on a piece of paper) and counting the pompoms and placing them with the correct number. Great for practicing one-to-one correspondence.

6. Pompoms in a Puzzle: We happen to have this number tracing board, which fits pompoms like a dream, but use any puzzle- fill up an alphabet or shape puzzle with pompoms.

7. Pompom Sensory Play: add some pompoms to your sensory bin with some bowls, tongs, cups, etc. Hide the pompoms under the sensory material of your choice for them to discover.

8. Pompoms in a Bottle: younger ones can safely explore when you pop them in a clear bottle. I have even put water in the bottle with them.

9. Pompom Catapult: all you need are some craft sticks, elastics, and a bottle cap to make this super simple pompom catapult. Watch them fly across the room, or challenge your child to get them in a box/bin for points!

10. Pompom Drop: tape some paper rolls to the wall (I covered mine with coloured paper), and you have a super-simple colour matching activity. Put a bin/box at the bottom to “catch” the pompoms and your child can do it over and over (and over) again!

11. Roll and Count: use a dice, roll, and count out the pompoms. Make it a two payer game and see who can be the first one to get to 20 (or 50, or 100- whatever you decide). We used to a grid to keep track!

12. Pompom Tub: Fill a large storage container with pompoms and you’ve got yourself a pompom sensory bin that your cild can sit in and explore with both their hands AND their feet!

13. Pompoms in a Tray: find a tray with sections (ice cube tray even), and give your child a bowl of pompoms. You will see how entertaining it is for them to fill the section with pompoms. Also great for fine motor control and hand-eye coordination!

14. Pompoms Poke: use a knife to make hole in an empty egg carton. Optional: use a marker to draw colours around each hole for your child to match. Another great fine-motor control activity.

15. Pompom Transfer: two bowls, tongs or tweezers, and a bowl of pompoms. Your child can transfer the pompoms from the larger bowl to the smaller ones, practice pouring, picking out certain colours, count, etc.

Bonus: here we used pompoms (along with cut up paper straws) to make a maze on a paper plate for a marble. We glued everything down and when it was dry, we could tilt the plate to get the marble from the start to the finish.

That’s it! We rarely use pompoms for actual art activities because I find when the kids glue them down onto regular paper, they come off quite easily. I hope you enjoy these 15 16 simple ways to get playful with pompoms!

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