The Easiest Way to Make Rainbow Rice

We have been enjoying green rice in our sensory table for a few weeks now! First we had large flowers and flower pots; the kids enjoyed filling, scooping and pouring, covering the flowers, planting flowers etc.   I just recently switched those out and put in some insects, wooden bowls, tree slices and mini flowers (keeping with the spring theme over here!).  

Since are we loving it so much, I thought I should share with you the easier way EVER to make rainbow rice (or just make 1 or two colours- it’s up to you!)

All you need is:

  • rice (find the cheapest bag of you can)
  • Zip lock bags
  • A squirt of paint

Separate the rice into the bags (I have used larger bags before and found it actually a bit easier, but when I made this batch I only had the smaller ones).

Add a good squirt of paint to the bag (about a tbsp). I don’t ever measure exactly strictly because I want to have less to wash afterwards; ex. measuring spoons. But add a little to start, and you can always add more to make it more vibrant if you need to. Then shake, shake, shake!!!

Such rainbow-ific goodness!!!

Next you will just want to spread it out a bit on something flat to dry. You can do this is your home, but a nice sunny day definitely speeds up the process. You also don’t have to worry about spreading it completely flat. I just went out and gave it a quick stir at one point and was actually surprised at how fast it had dried all over.

Filling up those 6 little bags actually made a good amount of rice! I dumped the rice out into a large plastic storage container (it even has a lid for when it’s not in use!) and then brought it outside for the kids to explore. You can do this inside; I would consider putting a towel or blanket down underneath to prevent the rice from going all over the floor.

Add some spoons, bowls, cups, muffin tins, etc. Just raid you kitchen: no need to go out and buy anything new!

You’re done- it’s that EASY!

As always, when playing with younger ones, try to discourage them from putting the rice in their mouth. Since I used paint here, it isn’t considered “taste safe” for babies. Another option to make it taste safe would be to use food colouring instead of paint. I find with food colouring you need quite a bit to get vibrant colours. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to help the colour get all spread around the rice and then spread it out to dry (it takes a bit longer). For more information on sensory play with babies, see this post:

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