Save the Penguins!

I totally should have done this sooner because it was a blast! But realistically, it’s only March here in Ottawa and I’m sure I’ll be able to freeze water outside for another few weeks!

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere warmer and you can’t just put a tub of water outside to make ice, then use your freezer! You may not be able to do something this big (unless you have a big freezer!), but you could always use several little plastic bowls or even an ice cube tray. Then just pop in a few little animals or dinosaurs, even pompoms are fun when they are frozen!

To “save” the objects we froze in the ice, I provided Emy with some different coloured water with a dropper as well as some salt with a little spoon for scooping. At first, we were using water that was more room temperature and it wasn’t visibly making the ice melt away too quickly. I switched it out for warmer water and it was a bit more fun for Emy to really see the ice melt from the warm water.

So while Emy was playing, he was actually working on fine motor control as he squeezed the little dropper to fill it up and empty it. He also had to use quite a bit of control with that little wooden spoon and the salt. The salt also gave us the opportunity to bring some science into our play. Why was it melting the ice? New vocabulary such as “dissolves” and “granules” were introduced. He also made the connection to how we put salt on our driveway in the winter. And it finally all made sense 😜! So much learning happens through play; it truly is how children learn best.

We had so much fun saving these little penguins and we hope you enjoy this activity as well!

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