Spooky Spider Halloween Goop

So you just tried my ~Magical Colour-Mixing Goop~ and now you’re wondering what to do with this huge tub of glorious orange goop??  Add some spiders of course! Or any other fun little Halloween goodies to get you in the spooky holiday spirit.  The dollar store is my go-to for these types of things.

So in case you missed my last post, this is just corn starch and water with food colouring. My previous post explains the ratios you will need, but you can always just pour out your cornstarch and just keep adding water until you get the right consistency.  You could add your orange colour to the water and your goop will be orange right away or do what we did…add the colour after (you really need to see that post to see what I mean).


Goop (or “ooblek”) is such an amazing sensory material.  It is actually considered a “Non-Newtonian Fluid”.  Yes, I use words like that.  That means it does not follow Newton’s laws of viscosity.  Want to know what I’m talking about?  If you make this at just the right ratio of water to corn starch…it’s both a solid and a liquid.  Hard and soft.  Dry AND wet.  It’s CRAZY people.

So put down some sort of mat/towel/shower curtain liner if you don’t like mess, because things are bound to get a bit (maybe a lot) messy with this stuff.  And don’t be afraid to sink those grown-up fingers in there yourself!

Adding things like tweezers give this activity an extra element of fine motor work.  Follow your child’s lead; if they use want to run their fingers through this amazing stuff instead then that’s great too.

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