Welcome to Awakened Childhood; a place where you and your child can discover the true potential of  unconditional love that lies within all of us.

My name is Katie and I am an educator, nutritionist, yoga and meditation instructor, and a mom of three.  My 10 years of experience working with children made it pretty obvious that the education is missing something.  I’ve experienced things that some would say are “impossible” while on my path and am committed to helping us all discover the magic within.

The most important skills we can teach out children, the skills that they will take with them for the rest of their life… were being skimmed over.  Things like self-regulation, compassion, empathy, and non-judgement. If we can teach our children how to care for and love themselves, this will ripple and positively effect everyone they meet.

This website serves as a resource for you to raise happier, healthier, and more heart-centered children.  Stay tuned for updates on classes, trainings, live-events, and more.

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